Do you know a firefighter, a police officer, or someone in the military?  You probably do, they might even be a family member. Even if you don’t, you know how dangerous their job can be, and are thankful for their service. The people who protect us and take care of us in an emergency situation wear many uniforms. We have police, firefighters, EMS workers and the military. Their jobs are dangerous and simply by showing up for a regular shift they risk injury or even death.

At Final Blueprint it’s our mission to make sure everyone has a plan in place, and to make sure they’re covered in case something happens to them. We want to make sure the people looking after our communities are taken care of as well.

Final Blueprint will now be FREE for all firefighters, police, EMS and military personnel until the end of 2016. No catch, just free, as a thank you for your service and bravery. If you need more information or would like to sign up your department, hall or station please email us in the form below. This is our way of saying thank you.

Signing up is extremely easy. We need your department or station name with address, how many members are signing up, and then we create a specific signup code for your team to use. Please fill out the form below and a Final Blueprint rep will contact you by email.


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