Everyone in the world has this one thing in common, yes one day we’ll all be gone, passed on. Most people choose to ignore it and hate talking about it, but shouldn’t we plan for something we know will happen one day? It’s hard to think about, but when you actually plan for the end you will feel a bit better, you will have peace of mind for you and your family. Here are a few creative ideas to get you thinking of what you would want for your own funeral or wake. All these ideas could be stored in your Final Blueprint and readily available for your family when you pass. Check out finalblueprint.com to start your blueprint today.


Photo credit: Newscom

David Morales Colon was 22 when he was murdered in April 2010, and he had told his family that is he were to die, that they put his body on his motorcycle. He was rarely seen without his motorcycle, and it became a part of him and his personality. If you have something that people always associate with you, like your car or a camera if you’re a photographer, maybe you could include it in your funeral.


Photo credit: The Plant Based Blogger

Some people love to eat, some of us are known to have our own favourite go to meals. What better way for friends and family to honour you then to serve your favourite meal celebrating your life. Maybe it’s Grandma’s secret meatball recipe, or it’s your favourite combo from one of the fast food giants, either way the sky’s the limit with food.


Photo credit: treeseedlings.com

Most people get presents or “take aways” from parties or events, but giving away seedlings could become a trend for funerals. Green funerals are becoming more popular, and this is a great way your family can honour you by planting a tree in your memory. check your local nursery, but for 50-300 saplings expect a price from $1.25 to $2.25 per tree. www.treeseedlings.com

Photo credit: NHS Wales

Years ago a friend said to me, “at my funeral I want my closest friends to be sitting in the first front rows and for someone to hide my favourite beer in a nice bag under their chair and to have one last toast with them”.You could do something like that or have a signature cocktail served at your celebration, maybe it’s an Old Fashioned or your favourite milk shake, it’s up to you.


Photo credit: mirror.co.uk

Gordon Deacon died at 58 from liver and pancreatic cancer, and has been a Star Wars super-fan since the first movie came out in 1977. For all of you super-fans out there, whether you like Star Wars or Spiderman, having the kind of themed funeral would be an awesome way of celebrating your life and remembering something you cared a lot about. But depending on how big your vision is, you should think about putting some extra money aside for something this spectacular.


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